NOVAAR Range Safety Rules


1. Is the rocket structurally sound -- fins and launch lug solidly glued (not taped) onto the body and an appropriate strength/size for the model, body tube not crimped?

2. Does the rocket appear to be stable -- center of gravity one or more body diameters ahead of the center of pressure (which is normally just forward of the fin leading edge)?

3. Is the rocket motor on the list of NAR Certified Rocket Motors?

4. Does the rocket motor have sufficient thrust to give the rocket a safe liftoff velocity and a delay time that will not result in the rocket having excessive upward or downward velocity at ejection?

5. Is the motor properly restrained in the model -- with an engine hook, or with enough tape that the ejection charge will not pop it out and it cannot be easily removed by hand?

6. Does the nose cone fit properly -- not loose enough to fall off of its own weight, not so tight that significant force is required to remove it?

7. Does the rocket have a recovery system that will return it at a safe landing speed, and is the recovery system packed properly and recently, structurally sound, and protected with sufficient flame-proof wadding that it will properly deploy?

8. If the rocket is high-power (H or larger motor), is the modeler certified for the power level of its motor? (Note: HPR check-in must be done by an HPR-certified person.)

9. If the rocket is high-power, did another HPR certified modeler do a "peer review" of the recovery system's packing? If not, disassemble and inspect it.


General NOVAAR Range Safety Rules


1. Follow the directions of the Range Safety officer

2. All rockets must go through our safety check-in.

3. Bring your rocket to check-in ready to fly

4. Flight card must be filled out for each flight.

5. Rocket flights must occur on our range only.

6. Spectators stay behind the flag line.

7. Air horn is a flight danger warning -- look up.


General Rules for Great Meadow Site


1. Park in designated areas.

2. Pick up any trash that you see.

3. No pets except on leash.

4. Do not climb on fences, trees, or structures.

5. Cross fences at gates (hinge side) if possible.

6. Ask for assistance to recover rockets from trees.

7. Do not attempt to recover rockets from overhead wires.

8. Do not go onto private property without permission

For more information see Safety in Sport Rocketry

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