Other Sources and Supplies

A source for real "Jap" Tissue and free filght kits and supplies.
Aerospace Composite Products
Fiberglass, Kevlar® and Carbon materials specifically developed for lightweight applications.
  CST, The Composite Store
Fiberglass, Kevlar and Carbon composites.
  FAI Model Supply:
Jap tissue and other free flight building material and supplies.
  Goodwinds Composites:  DLG tailbooms suitable for S8E/p FAI style RC rocketgliders.
A good variety of modelling tool.
  National Balsa: A source for spruce for boostglider and rocketglider booms. They also have contest balsa.
A source for real "Jap" tissue (including black). They also have free flight rubber model airplane kits and supplies
  Sig Manufacturing:
The source for "Light-Coat" dope (what I recommend for applying jap tissue) and contest grade balsa (4-6 lb density).
  Soller Composites: 
Souce for woven fiberglass, kevlar and carbon cloths and sleeves and heat shrink tubing. The sleeves and heat shrink
tubing can be used for laminating body tubes espcially high power tubes.
  Tower Hobbies:
A good source for RC equipment and they also still have mica-film (in red and yellow). Makes good contest streamers.


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