Other Sources and Supplies

A source for real "Jap" Tissue and free filght kits and supplies.
Aerospace Composite Products
Fiberglass, Kevlar® and Carbon materials specifically developed for lightweight applications.
  CST, The Composite Store
Fiberglass, Kevlar and Carbon composites.
  FAI Model Supply:
Jap tissue and other free flight building material and supplies.
  Goodwinds Composites:  DLG tailbooms suitable for S8E/p FAI style RC rocketgliders.
A good variety of modelling tool.
  National Balsa: A source for spruce for boostglider and rocketglider booms. They also have contest balsa.
A source for real "Jap" tissue (including black). They also have free flight rubber model airplane kits and supplies
  Sig Manufacturing:
The source for "Light-Coat" dope (what I recommend for applying jap tissue) and contest grade balsa (4-6 lb density).
  Tower Hobbies:
A good source for RC equipment and they also still have mica-film (in red and yellow). Makes good contest streamers.


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