Rocket Launch on Saturday 12 August is On

Starting April 25, 2017 - Ending August 14, 2017 Expired

The NOVAAR rocket launch scheduled for 12 August at Great Meadow is on.. Set up will start at 9 am with the range opening at 10 am. The range will close at 4 pm. Volunteers are needed for set up, range take down and range duty. The signup list for range duty is at . Definitly need additional help. Please lend a hand and sign up. If everyone contributes some of their time, there will be no need for anyone to spend more than an hour on range duty. Unsure about what to do? Just ask and you will be paired with a more experienced individual.  Summer launches proceed at a slower pace that makes learning range crew responsibilities easier. A waiver to 4,500 feet for high power flights will be in effect.

Late Update: Ken Allen from Performance Hobbies will be present.

Enter Great Meadow through the marked gate and follow the the signs on the roadway to the parking area. Do not drive around puddles in the roadway; stay on the roadway and drive through them. The Corner Store across the street will open for sandwiches, drinks and snacks. There is a portopotty on site. A reminder: the use of drones is prohibited at NOVAAR launches. Our NAR insurance only covers rocketry activities. Also, the area to the west of Rt 245 is out of bounds. Do not attempt to recover any rocket that crosses the roadway. If this should happen contact Check in.

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