Members of NOVAAR

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Annual July 4th demo at Great Meadow (2003)

From left to right:
Jonathan Rains, Don Hooker, John Hochheimer, Trip Barber, Jim Brower
Jan Kobialka & son, Joe Woodford. Jeff Perry, Eric Robinson Rose Fichtel
Keith Wancowicz, Doug Hillson, Rachel Brower, Robert Kaplan, Dan Winings


Dan Winings


Trip Barber


Robert Edmonds


Shaun Smith
Shaun Smith


Doug Hilson
Doug Hilson


Snowballs Chance Team (The Smiths)


Chuck Barndt (The Launch Pad)


Jonathan Rains


Ken Brown (Quality Competiton Rockets)




Jeff Perry
Jeff Perry


Collin Harris


Collin Harris and Vern Estes


Lisa Knouse
Lisa Knouse


Mike Knouse


Paul Kent (level 1 flight)


Andrew Dobos
Andrew Dobos


Dan Meyer "I'm on the far left. The total impulse is 101,180,568 N-sec.
You can figure out the NAR class if you like."


Bruce and Doug

Would you believe?

(yea I know these two charactors are not NOVAAR members, but if you can tell who they are, what club they belong to, and what contest this picture was taken at then you really are an old time rocketeer.)


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