Directions to Great Meadow

Directions to the flying field:

  • Travel on I-66 west to The Plains Exit #31
  • South on Old Tavern Rd.  approximately 2 miles  (Rt. 245) to Great Meadows;
  • Enter gate marked 'Rocket Launch' on left side of road;
  • Take the first left (immediately after you enter the Great Meadows property), which is a gravel road
  • Then take the first gravel road on the right, follow the signs to the launch area.
  • Park in the designated areas.

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All rockets will undergo a safety check before being allowed to fly at Great Meadows.:
NOVAAR Safety Check-in Officer Guidelines
NAR Safety Code
NAR High Power Safety Code

All high power flyers at a NOVAAR event must show proof of membership in
either the National Association of Rocketry  ( NAR) or the Tripoli Rocketry
Association. Your membership card must show your high power certification
level. Those prerequisites exist at every NAR or Tripoli launch throughout
the country.  If you are a member in good standing and certified, you may
fly at a NOVAAR event.  We charge a launch fee of $1 per flight for
non-members.  We limit motor size to  J or less and our standard FAA waiver
is 4,500 feet AGL  It is a club policy that packing the parachute be
witnessed by another individual similarly certified.
If you are not a member of either national organization, you must join one
or the other before competing the certification process.  As  NOVAAR is a
section of the NAR and we follow NAR guidelines in certifying individual
flyers.  Information on certification can be found at   If you need assistance, you
can contact the NOVAAR high power coordinator, Tim Bookwalter.

Non-high power flyers do not need to be members of the NAR or Triploi but must pay the $1.00
launch fee if they are not members of NOVAAR.

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