Aero Pack Inc.
Threaded motor mount and engine retainers.

High power motors and kits.
Animal Motor Works
High power reloadable rocket motors and reloads.
Apogee Components
Competition rocket kits and motors, construction .
Aerospace Speciality Products
Kits for Scale, Sport Scale and competition.

Balsa Machining Service
Balsa wood nose cone, including custom made ones, a good competition launching tower

Binder Design Rockets
Mid to high power kits.
BSD Rocketry
Mid to High power kits.

Contrail Rockets
Hybrid rocket motors.

  Cosmodrome Rocketry
Detailed scale, mid to high power kits suitable for NAR competition.
Edmonds Aerospace
Sport Glider kits.
Estes Industries
The oldest model rocket company.
Flis Kits
Sport and competition kits and parts.
Hybrid rocket motors.
Leading Edge Rocketry
Micro and sport kits
High power rocket kits and supplies.
Loki Research
Reloadable rocket motors

Madcow Rocketry
Mid to high power rocket kits and components

Polecat Aerospace
High power rocket kits and components
  Pratt Hobbies
Rocket kits, supplies, launch equipment, vacuum formed nose cones, rocket electronics. Please Pratt Hobbies website has moved to
Pro 38
Reloadable High power rocket motors.
Propulsion Polymers
Hybrid rocket motors
Public Missiles
High power kits.
R.A.T.T. Works
Hybrid rocket motors.

AeroTech licensed RMS™ Reloadable Motor System™ hardware and C02 ejection systems.

Semroc Astronautics Corporation
Rocket kits including reproduction Centuri and Estes. Most of the Semroc kits are now available again from


Sky Ripper Systems
Hybrid rocket motors

Sunward Aerosace Group Limited
Sport model rocket kits.
  The Squirrel Works
Sport model rocket kits.
  Tango Papa Decals
Out of production and custom decals

Top Flight Recovery, LLC
Nylon parachutes and steamers.

Sport model rocket kits and egines


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