February Launch Rescheduled to 20 February

The next launch will be held on 20 February.  Based on responses to the recent survey indicating a preference for the 20th, the launch has been officially rescheduled to 20 February.

NOVAAR Range Crew

Volunteer organizations rely on a few people to provide the impetus to manage their programs.  So to, NOVAAR relies on volunteers to run the organization, but when the task is providing safe management of  large rocket launches the manpower requirement expands beyond the a few people. Without additional assistance that can lead to key volunteer overload.   As the largest NAR section we should not accept being in that position.  But to fix it we need all members to become invested in providing some assistance  and buy into the deal:  IF YOU FLY, YOU ALSO WORK RANGE CREW AND IF YOU WORK RANGE CREW IT IS ONLY FOR AN HOUR.  If everyone shares the load the efforts required of any one individual are minimized.  By expanding range crew opportunities and the educational opportunities they present, we increase the level of launch safety across a wider group of people.  Better safety practices are always in demand.  Also, there is an element of fairness involved; everyone needs to pitch in. 

To improve range crew participation we instituted an online range crew signup list as a trial run in December.  The trials in December and January were very successful.. Therefore, we will implement this system for all follow on launches   The link will be posted in the Secretary's launch announcement message.  If you are coming to the launch, you need to sign up.

Winter Weather Meeting Policy

NOVAAR follows the Fairfax County Schools in determining if a meeting will be cancelled because of inclement weather. If schools are closed, there is no meeting. Schedule adjustments for other events like launches or build sessions will be announced separately. Launch status will be posted by 8 pm the evening before each launch.

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