NOVAAR e-mail

With our new domain name and web hosting provider, NOVAAR can make available to member e-mail addresses with the domain.

You can use it in a variety of ways:    
  • Pop server: use you own e-mail client and set your servers to          incoming port 110
             outgoing port 587
             username: <username>  
  •  Webmail: Access your acount through the web by going to            https://www.startlogic/mail.
  • Have your NOVAAR eMail forwarded to an existing account.

To get an account setup contact and give me

  • Your account name (login name)
  • A temporary password (you can change it later)
  • How you want to access your account.
  • The account address you want you e-mail forwarded to (if you want it forwarded).


  • NOVAAR members only
  • Please don't store large amounts of e-mails on the server.
  • Set your pop server to
  • For further help setting up your pop server clients see: or contact me.


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