July Fourth High Power Demonstration

Starting May 26, 2017 - Ending July 4, 2017

 The annual July Fourth high power demonstration will be held at Great Meadow on Saturday 1 July.  Set up will start at 1 pm with the launch at approximately 6 pm.  After the rockets are recovered there will be a potluck dinner under the NOVAAR tent next to the race course rail.  All club members, their families and guests are welcome. The demo cannot happen without rockets. We’re looking for a minimum of 15 rockets to put on a good show. The requirements are that the rocket must be totally reliable and have flown successfully previously, and that its projected altitude is no more than about 1200 feet (apogee deployment) or 1500 feet (dual deployment). Maximum smoke and noise are desirable, but no sparky motors. Reminder: there are no ematches or BP in the magazine. All rocket fliers need to be there with their rockets by 2 PM. We will need a couple of volunteers for the rocket range equipment setup at 1 PM. Those who are going to help with rocket recovery at the demo but are not flying (we need at least six volunteers) need to be there by 3:30 PM. Please email Trip Barber at if you can help out with setup, flying and recovery. The actual time for the launch varies – usually 5:30 or 6 PM . Our launch is a real crowd pleaser, and creates much goodwill for the club. All members are requested to wear the distictive NOVAAR orange shirt.


Independence Day at Great Meadow on 1 July

Starting June 12, 2017 - Ending July 5, 2017

 Great Meadow puts on an amazing fireworks show – we’re told that diameter of the shells exceeds what one sees on the National Mall. It’s also provides the opportunity for NOVAAR to ‘pays back’ Great Meadow by putting on a HPR demo for the thousands of people who attend. NOVAAR is provided a private tent (with comfort facilities) right on the racecourse rail. Besides our own rocket demo and the fireworks, there is a polo match, music,  helicopter demonstrations and more.   Parking is in the adjacent field.  Our potluck dinner follows the demo launch, where we relax while waiting for darkness to set in and those unbelievable fireworks.  .  If you have a folding chair, bring it.   

The potluck starts as soon as all the rockets are recovered and the range is taken down. We have an online signup sheet for the potluck so that we don’t have twenty different varieties of brownies and nothing else to eat. Note, no need to supply your phone number on the signup.

 All cars entering Great Meadow including flyers require a gate pass.  Gates open to the public at  4 pm, If you don’t have a gate pass, you will be charged $40 per car. What great is that NOVAAR has a supply of car passes that are available for free. 

 Email Jonathan Rains (  by Friday June 23rd with your mailing address so that we can get them to you in time. You need to get your passes in advance!

 An overview of the July 1st festivities is available here:


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