Elaine Russell New L3CC

Starting March 1, 2017 - Ending April 7, 2017

 Congratulations to NOVAAR member Elaine Russell who was recently designated by the NAR as a member of the Level 3 Certification Committee.  This designation is recognition of her proven level of achievement in high power rocketry.  Well Done.

NOVAAR Meeting 4 April

Starting March 10, 2016 - Ending April 5, 2017

The next NOVAAR meeting will be held at the Braddock Road Governmental Center on Tuesday 4 April at 7 pm. There will be a short planning session to review preparations for the TARC Finals which are scheduled for 13 May at Great Meadow. Also, discussion items include club finances and a new launcher system for model rockets.The program will be a presentation by Tim Bookwalter on his L3 project.

Rocket Launches Scheduled for 1 and 2 April

Starting March 2, 2016 - Ending April 3, 2017

The next NOVAAR rocket launches are scheduled for 1 and 2 April. The launches will be held at Great Meadow from 10 am to 4 pm. Set up will start at 9 am with the range opening at 10 am. The range will close at 4 pm. Volunteers are needed for set up, range take down and range duty. The signup list for range duty for both Saturday and Sunday will be posted the week before the launch. This is the final qualification weekend for TARC participants. With an anticipated large number of TARC qualification flights, range crew support including timers will be needed. Please sign up. If everyone attending contributes some of their time, there will be no need for anyone to spend more than an hour and a half on range duty. Unsure about what to do? Just ask and you will be paired with a more experienced individual.

Enter Great Meadow through the marked gate and follow the the signs on the roadway to the parking area. Ken Allen from Performance Hobbies will be present with motors, kits and other rocketry supplies. The Corner Store across the street will be open on both Saturday and Sunday for sandwiches, drinks and snacks. There is a portopotty on site. A reminder: the use of drones is prohibited at NOVAAR launches. Our NAR insurance only covers rocketry activities.

NARCON 2017 a Major Success

Starting March 2, 2017 - Ending April 2, 2017

 NARCON 2017, hosted by NOVAAR, was held over the weekend of 24 to 26  February.  Over 200 NAR members from all over the country attended.  Friday tours to Aurora Flight Sciences and Orbital-ATK were conducted. R and D reports were delivered on Friday evening. All five are available at  Saturday was reserved for presentations.  Seven individual presentations were made in each of four tracts; professional, TARC, model rocketry and high power rocketry. The complete schedule is available at .  Many of the presenters were NOVAAR members.  On Saturday evening a banquet dinner, attended by over 125 participants, was highlighted by a well received presentation by the guest speaker, Lee Piester.  He was the founder of Centuri Engineering Company, one of the orignal model rocketry companies having its origins in the late 1950s.  On Sunday participants were treated to a special showing at the IMAX threater at Udvar-Hazy and special tours of the museum arranged specifically for NARCON participants.

Thanks to Trip Barber for leading the effort and to Jonathan Rains, Frank Prekel, Bill Miller, Chris Turner, Carl Curling, Kevin Cobb and Adam Martin who executed the plan flawlessly.  As Trip mentioned at the banquet NOVAAR does big events like NARCON and the TARC Finals really well because we have good people running these events.  Well Done to all.

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